Giovanni Simone Gherardi Gian Simone Gherardi, physician (16th century ).
Born in Montone, physician and physicist, he has his talent soon highlighted. He was called to Guastalla (Reggio Emilia) as the personal physician of His Worship the Duke Ferdinando Gonzaga, son of Vincenzo I Gonzaga and Eleonora de’ Medici, who died at the age of 39.
He was a very generous and prodigal man, so much so that he decided with a deed that his conspicuous wealth had to be bestowed to the city of Montone at the death of his wife.
This donation was given to the Maestre Pie (a place where the young women of Montone were educated) with the aim of providing annually many honest girls with at least 50 silver ducats, in order to assure even the poorest of a respectable future.