Information about this brave patriot can be found in the volume “Montone” (Città di Castello, 1992) by Angelo Ascani.
After a brief review on the participation of Montone, Città di Castello and other near municipalities at the events of the Roman Republic in 1849, we can read: “[…] While revolutionary movements were going on, in the central part of Italy numerous gendarmes and volunteers were established to fight with Piedmont against Austria and to collaborate for the creation of National Unity. Some people of Montone deserve a particular mention here: the brothers Lorenzo and Gregorio Reali, Crescenziano Migliorati, Alfonso Picconi, Alberto Cirami, Antonio Polidori, Carlo Bonucci and many others; they took an active part in the campaigns of 1848-1849. During the Wars of Independence, Giuseppe Polidori, born on April 1st, 1836, was the best example of patriotic ardor for the people of Montone. He was just 23 when he volunteered to fight for the Piemontese army and he participated in the battle of San Martino (1859). At the end of that campaign, he joined the famous Mille (the one hundred volunteers guided by Garibaldi).
He fought valiantly in Catalafimi and entered in Palermo with Garibaldi on the 27th of May, after being promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the battle of Milazzo; he took part in all the clashes in Calabria until the 7th of September, when he entered in Naples with his fellow soldiers.
On the battlefield in Capua, he was nominated Captain by his commander for his boldness in the battle of Volturno. But so many clashes and struggles extremely prostrated his health and a wound received in Campania forced him to retire to Montone. As soon as he felt rather recovered, he volunteered again and took beck his position in the army; but when the illness flared up, Polidori was forced to return permanently in Umbria, having offered his life to the Giovine Italia. He died on June, 6th 1864 in Città di Castello at the age of 28”.