pittore XVII Deposizione di Cristo dalla croce montone inDeposition of Christ from the cross, after 1630

This piece comes from the Church of St. Francis.
The coat of arms with a bird of prey on six hills on the lower left side belongs to the Giobbi Bencivenni family, which was a collateral branch of the Fortebracci. Gerolamo, member of this family, is recalled as the client of the work in the inscription.

pittore XVII Sacra famiglia con San Giovannino montone inHoly Family with young St. John

This piece comes from the Church of St. Fedele. It is the copy of the Virgin Mary of the Oak attributed to Raphael and today preserved in the Prado in Madrid. Many copies of this piece have been painted: this one preserved in Montone is quite accurate except for a few details, among which the lack of a building on the background.